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Before you begin, the entire Invixium team would like to thank you for taking the decision to submit a case study that involved deployment of Invixium products. We will share a copy of the final case study article with you before uploading it on our website. In order to be able to share it with you, please provide the details below:

Submit a Case Study

1. Who Are You?

2. How did you come across Invixium?

Submit a Case Study

3. What is the problem or need?

3a. How have Invixium products enriched user’s lives - increased productivity, security, time tracking, automation or more?

3b. What features were of most interest during the project specification cycle?

Deployment Details

a. Who is the Customer ?

b. How many devices have been installed and what type

Deployment Details

a. Details of Installation

b. Describe the general use case

What other equipment is connected with Invixium products?

a. Access Control Panels

b. Surveillance

c. Home Automation Companies (Control4, Savant, Crestron)


a. Comment on your level of satisfaction of the installation

b. Do you feel that you received support from Invixium (sales os technical) to complete install?

c. If applicable, what was the installation experience of Invixium in comparison to other manufacturers?

Company logo

a. Sample company logo

b. Please upload a high-resolution 300dpi logo of your company (.png or .eps files preferred)

High-resolution pictures of the installation site

a. Please upload up to 3 external pictures of the building/home where Invixium products are installed (Sample pictures provided)

b. Please provide up to 3 pictures of Invixium products installed at the site (Sample pictures provided)

Any other comments?

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