System Architecture

IXM Link works by pulling data from an Access Control Panel’s database and storing it in the IXM WEB database, and vice versa.

How it works

Access Control Panels provide improved security for access control. ACPs have their own software, however they usually do not support biometric readers for access control.

As can be seen in the architecture, IXM Link allows you to synchronize the user data between the ACP software and IXM WEB. It will pull the data from the ACP database and store it in IXM WEB and vice-versa. Using IXM WEB, the biometric enrollment for each user can be done, along with managing the device settings, user access schedules, shift management etc. IXM Link also synchronizes this data and sends it back to the Access Control Panel software.

Unlike other bridging software, the data sharing and synchronization in IXM Link is bidirectional on top of being automatic and seamless.